Lockdown Beautiful Stuff – Part 8

“A few days into the lockdown a friend asked all her friends to send her any words that had inspired or comforted each of us in our lifetime. I am no poet, but with time on my hands, I decided to create my own poem for my friend. I was inspired by a noticeable increase in bird song and the numbers of butterflies in our garden as we humans became trapped, forced to be quiet, allowing nature to show us a glimpse of a world we could enjoy, if only we heeded her warnings – the many increasing natural disasters around the globe.”

– Mandy Beeby

Little by little you show the error of our ways
Delightful bird song rising with our passing days
Butterflies and moths in abundance we have seen
No longer splattered across our windscreen
Elephants happily taking to our roads
Free from the burden of mans’ harsh loads
Polar bears swim where once there was ice
Bleached coral reefs no longer entice
Beautiful gifts you proffer to pave our way
As we watch from our prisons each viral day
Will we learn and start to thrive
Or ignore you and struggle to survive

Lockdown Beautiful Stuff! Have you done a painting, taken a photo or made any other beautiful stuff as a result of having to self-isolate at home? Please send us a photo and two lines of text indicating the why of it and what it means to you. We guarantee to publish it on Talking Beautiful Stuff in the weeks to come. Thank you!

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