Patrick Vale’s time-lapse New York cityscape

  • Who? Patrick Vale
  • What? Stunning time-lapse drawing of Manhattan.
  • For whom? You! Everybody! For free!
  • When? April 2012
  • Where? Manhattan… Or maybe somewhere in the UK?
  • How? Pen, ink, camera and… time. Lots of time!
  • What does it mean for me? Martin meets Katka and Daniel!

Who said watching grass grow is boring?

With blooming flowers, summer is fueling photographers with light, color and inspiration. Like our friend Katka Pruskova, whose breathtaking time-lapse of blooming flowers many of you enjoyed, videographer Daniel Csobot has captured the beauty of Mother Earth.

From a root poking out a seed, to hundreds growing like new borns, Daniel has brought a new meaning to the classic saying “like watching grass grow.” Daniel, if you are reading this, can you please tell us why you made this video and what it means to you? Thank you!

Feedback from Katka

Katka Pruskova 1

Woohoo! We’ve got feedback from Katka Pruskova, whose incredible time-lapse of blooming flowers many of you liked last week. In an email, Katka explained why she made the time-lapse, why flowers, and what it meant to her. Voilà:

“I’ve been fascinated by the time-lapse since I first saw one and I decided to give it a try. I started with the typical things like clouds, just to see the movement, if it is really working. Well it was and I wanted more. It was summer and my mom’s garden was full of beautiful flowers and I started to think how to make a beautiful flower time-lapse, where to set up the little studio in my apartment to be able to shoot through day and night. Well after 3 nights sleeping on a couch in my living room while my first flower was occupying my bedroom (the only room with the drapes), I realized that was necessary 😉 But the first result, even not perfect, made me continue. It was very interesting to see something you cannot normally observe, how the flowers are moving when they bloom, the small movements of petals. I was shooting whole summer and finally during winter found some time to finish the whole video. It was a lot of work, you spend hours and hours of preparation, shooting, and then making the whole movie. And you end up with just 2 and a half minutes of final video. But what you see is amazing and I am very happy I could share the video and I appreciate so much all the beautiful comments I received. I hope to show you some more flowers soon ;)”

Thank you, Katka. Great work!

Katka Pruskova’s feeling for flowers

Katka Pruskova 1

Katka Pruskova is a Czech-born computer scientist and photographer. On her quest to show us the amazing colorful world we live in, Katka has made an absolutely spellbinding video of blooming Amaryllis, Lilies, Zygocactus, Rose, Gladiolus, Tulip and Gardenia. I wish my countryman Carl Linnaeus could have watched this masterpiece with us. He would have been supercalifragilisticexpialidocious excited. Sit back, enjoy.

To make this masterpiece, Katka has used a technique called “time-lapse photography.” In a homemade studio (a cabinet, black cloth and two LED lamps), Katka placed her flowers (carefully picked in her mother’s garden) in front of a Canon 5D Mark II and shot 7,100 photos over 730 hours. Once converted into a video, played back at 30 frames (photos) per second, time appears to be moving faster. This is not an exercise for the wilting weeds of the photography world! It takes serious planning and after the hours of shooting there are days of post-production. Bravo!

Katka Pruskova 2

French dramatist Jean Giraudoux once said: “The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.” I’m sure Katka would not disagree but with her time-lapse photography, she makes the flower luscious and sexy as well. Thank you, Katka!