Lunds Studentkårs Karneval 1954

I love flea markets. The process of discovering, desiring and acquiring speaks to me. So does the idea of recycling old stuff. The other day, I strolled around our local “marché aux puces” here in Geneva. This is what I brought back home in exchange for 20 francs:

Lunds Studentkårs Karneval 1954

The print measures 25 x 35 centimeters. It includes both textual and graphic elements. The centaur, wearing a student cap, looks happy. Like many students approaching the light in the end of the tunnel, he probably had a few (well deserved) drinks.

Lunds Studentkårs Karneval is a student carnival taking place in Lund (Sweden) every fourth year. Dating back to 1849, each carnival has a different theme, featuring shows, food and drinks. This is the original poster of 1954 carnival. Feel the tide of history!

Hasse Alfredsson The print is signed “Alfred Lutter.” Google tells me this is actually an anagram of Hans “Hasse” Alfredsson and Carlgösta “Lutter” Wistrand, both studying at University of Lund 1954. The former (pictured to the right) is today a legendary Swedish actor, director, writer and comedian.

So, one may wonder how the heck an original print of 1954 carnival can end up at a flea market in Geneva? I guess a former exchange student (perhaps a friend of Hasse and Lutter) emptied the attic and accidentally tossed this beautiful stuff in a box labeled “Salvation Army.”

The print is now framed, hanging on a wall in my home here in Geneva. It reminds me of my Swedish roots, as well as of the excitement, anxiety, joy and pain of being a student. And how I love the work of Hasse Alfredsson. This is absolutely priceless.