Who said watching grass grow is boring?

With blooming flowers, summer is fueling photographers with light, color and inspiration. Like our friend Katka Pruskova, whose breathtaking time-lapse of blooming flowers many of you enjoyed, videographer Daniel Csobot has captured the beauty of Mother Earth.

From a root poking out a seed, to hundreds growing like new borns, Daniel has brought a new meaning to the classic saying “like watching grass grow.” Daniel, if you are reading this, can you please tell us why you made this video and what it means to you? Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Who said watching grass grow is boring?

  1. Thank you!

    My English is not the best but this is a good exercise for me.

    I had a few reasons why i made this video.
    First of all i´ve been fascinated about the macro photography, i could see the precise details, like from another world.
    I´ve been doing city and nature timelapses with my colluege from novalapse timelapse recordings since 3-4years and i had desire for something new. When i saw my first macro timelapse shot, i was only fascinated about the power and variety of the nature. After that i wanted see more 🙂
    Kind regards,

  2. Katka and Daniel, thanks a lot for your comments. We at Talking Beautiful Stuff think that both of your pieces are absolutely spellbinding! It’s super exciting to learn about what inspires you, what makes you create. We cannot wait to see what you’re up to next! Take care, Isaac

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