Talking Beautiful Stuff gets lucky and goes music!

Daft Punk

French music duo Daft Punk. Source: Wikipedia

Talking Beautiful Stuff is about the human impulse to create beautiful stuff. We love how new technologies and social media offer fantastic opportunities for anyone to get their beautiful stuff out there… and of course for others to enjoy it.

In this spirit, Talking Beautiful Stuff is taking a big step into… yes… music!

  • Who? Talented people who love Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”
  • What? Brilliant covers of “Get Lucky” on video
  • For whom? You! Us! Everybody!
  • When? Well… it must have been since Daft Punk released the song!
  • Where? In a basement. In a studio. Sitting on a deep freeze. In a bedroom. Just about anywhere in front of a camera!
  • How? Every kind of instrument, style and tempo
  • What does it mean for me? We admire these guys! They’ve made an effort. It’s fun! It’s funny! Above all, it’s great music. We just love it!

So here’s Daft Punk’s brilliant original (as if you’re not familiar with it!) and some fabulous tributes. Lap it up!

1 thought on “Talking Beautiful Stuff gets lucky and goes music!

  1. I cannot decide whether TBS should stay away from music or embrace it as yet another artform or means of expression. Where do you stop? Poetry? Books & Novels? Lectures? Philosophies? Quotations?
    I think my problem with it is that so far you have only dealt with one sense, mainly, namely visual art. These other artforms involve other senses but…….I can see I’m talking myself in and out of holes here and should perhaps give up!! Do what you want! Is that not what art is about? After all, is TBS not an artform in itself – an expression of your need to express your appreciation of, not a sunset or a beautiful woman, but someone elses expression of their appreciation or reaction to the subject?

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