Cyber photographer Chayan Khoi returns to Geneva

Remember Chayan Khoi? The cyber photographer extraordinaire is back in Geneva with his new exhibition Le Temps Suspendu (Time in Suspension). Here are some snaps and thoughts from Wednesday’s vernissage at Galerie Evartspace.

Chayan Khoi 11

Working with images, frames and scrapbooks (I love these!), Chayan’s new series is as bizzare and intriguing as his last. He keeps challenging our imagination, but the punchy steampunk is gone and everything feels – if possible – more suggestive and spiritual.

Chayan Khoi 13

Chayan’s work projects a journey through the past, the present and the future. It takes me to distant, futuristic, exciting, frightening and dystopian places. But it always leaves me with a feeling that I am exactly where I need to be at this very moment in time.

Chayan Khoi 14

If you happen to be in Geneva sometime between now and 30 November, I suggest that you swing by Grand-Rue 12 (not far from the St. Pierre Cathedral) for a visit. It is a great exhibition in a nice part of the town. Enjoy!

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