The Lockdown Diary – Day 7

Geneva, Sunday 22 March 2020

Meet the lady against whom I marshall my putting skills on our balcony every day. 

The Lockdown Diary 8

This was on our honeymoon in 2013 at Jack’s Point Golf Club in New Zealand’s South Island (one of the all-time great courses!) Happy memories! Sadly, we have had to cancel our flights for Australia and New Zealand; we were due to depart this week. “Oh, well” we said yesterday “We’ll go in December.” Will we? I’d like to think everything would be “back to normal” by then but I’m not so sure. I’m not a pessimist by nature but someone wiser than me once said that a pessimist is simply an optimist with considerable experience.

The news gets worse still. Rocketing infection and death rates. More countries affected (160+.) More lockdowns. Optimism is, like toilet paper in a supermarket, difficult to keep in regular supply. Furthermore, two camps seem to be forming on social media. One says “Prevent spread. Self isolate. Do social distancing. Wash hands. Flatten the curve. Protect health care services from overload. The social and economic costs simply have be borne.” The other camp says “We should just carry on with our daily business. Measures to prevent spread are not effective. Spread is inevitable and anyway the mortality is very low. The social and economic costs for enforcing the lockdown are simply too high.” This second camp is readily joined by those in denial and those who simply don’t give a damn. Both camps claim the evidence or lack thereof supports their views. I rarely feel sorry for politicians, but whether or not we take measures and how they are or are not enforced are ultimately political decisions and very difficult political decisions at that. Where do I stand? In the first camp obviously. This is epidemiology. (And after all, what else would I blog about?) However, I wouldn’t be surprised if, after a couple of weeks, the political forces align themselves with the opinions of the second camp whilst assuring us all of stringent measures to isolate those most vulnerable to serious infection. We’ll see.

Thanks to the hundreds who have taken time to read the Lockdown Diary this last week. I’m really encouraged by people’s response. I’ve had news from many old friends. Whatever your situation, I hope the lockdown is bearable. Let us know your thoughts. Big man-hug to you all.

Today’s putting match: a hard-won victory in a cold north wind. All square after 18 holes. I win on the first play-off hole. Stats: me 18/19 (95%); my other half 17/19 (89%).

4 thoughts on “The Lockdown Diary – Day 7

  1. Hi Robin,
    I am enjoying your Lockdown Diary. I don’t think we ever spoke at Caius, despite being in the same year! I agree that this dreadful situation is a good opportunity to think about how a kinder and better world might be created – at least one which is a bit kinder to Mother Nature, and even between ourselves with any luck.
    There are surely worse places than Geneva to be locked down, though in some ways it is all the same wherever it is.
    Good putting!

  2. Thanks Robin here in Wellington we have official shutdown from Wednesday 11.59 pm
    For 2 weeks…long time in my own company….the telephone will be my saviour. “Unprecedented times ….we are in this together”. Jacinda Adern.
    We must feel for the politician’s, hope ours are ahead of the game so to speak.
    Take care over there….

  3. Robine, what a find,especially at this time of dreadful uncertainty!
    Only just discovered your TBS through a link from Pooey.
    Really enjoying your thoughts, experiences and muses and of course the putting!
    Keep it up, it really is inspirational.

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