The Lockdown Diary – Day 10

Geneva, Wednesday 25 March 2020

My wife works in the domain of quality assurance in something to do with software development. Heady stuff. Having my very own IT consultant is just fine and dandy; having her at home all day is finer and dandier. 

The Lockdown Diary 18

“Have a nice day! Cycle carefully!” I quip. We start the day with a smile. She’s going nowhere. After more than a week of lockdown she’s concluded that this period of enforced teleworking has many advantages. They include:

– going to work with bed hair and without make-up (must be a girl thing;)
– not arriving at office with bike helmet hair;
– morning commute is walk from kitchen to dining table;
– spending all day in slippers;
– husband making lunch;
– lunch on balcony followed by putting competition (and winning sometimes) followed by pilates;
– being brought cup of tea and digestive biscuits during a conference call;
– taking catnap (if required) during coffee break;
– evening commute is walk from dining table to sofa recently vacated by husband who has gone to cook dinner.

“OK” I ask from the sofa where I am writing this blog. “What don’t you like about it?” She pauses a moment “Not much…. except looking at you sprawled out on the sofa in your pyjamas.”

For me it’s fascinating to hear her interact with colleagues. Her professional voice is largely unfamiliar to me. It has a no-nonsene tone. It is friendly and firm but polite. At home, she uses this voice only for two questions. “Did you save it?” and “Have you tried switching it off and back on again?”

Of the different books that provide a platform for her laptop, I recommend “The Lost Art of Putting” by Gary Nichol and Karl Morris. The authors cast light into the dark corners of putting’s mental game. It is entirely down to this book that I have today edged ahead in our daily competition; 5 to 4. A stunning victory; 3 and 1. Stats: me 17/17 (100%), her 14/17 (82%.)

These are times to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. French joke… Question: What do you call a meal without wine? Answer: Breakfast.

3 thoughts on “The Lockdown Diary – Day 10

  1. Dear Robin,

    A very good article as always! I read your posts every day with great pleisure. Just a silly question about your putting contests: given your excellent handicap, do you give Liz a few strokes?



    • Dear Robert, Absolutely no way that I give my wife strokes in a putting competition! Hoping you are well. Best wishes, Robin

  2. Hi Robin,
    Great to hear from you.
    I tried sending you a response 21/3 but got “timed out”!! No, I didn’t save it and switching on and off didn’t help either!
    No golf – in Scotland! Wow! Can pitch in the back garden though!
    Stay safe and get out of those PJ’s!

    I will try and send an email

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