Lockdown Beautiful Stuff – Part 15

COVID-19 set it up. An invisible silent enemy. Fear. Government incompetence. The discontent made us all tinder-dry and fire-ready. George Floyd’s death was the spark. Now we have an enemy upon which we can vent our anger. Racism. The flames are global and serious like COVID-19. Protests may yet cause a resurgence of the pandemic. I sit in Geneva, Switzerland. Comfortable. Liberal. Quiet. I’m angry. Someone wiser than me once said that the biggest mistake you can make is to do nothing because you think you can only do a little. So my angry anti-racist little is called “Black Lives Shattered.”

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesShattered

Lockdown Beautiful Stuff 17

Be angry. Download an outline of the shattered heart. Colour it in or get your kids to colour it in. Tell them why. Share it widely.

Lockdown Beautiful Stuff! Have you done a painting, taken a photo or made any other beautiful stuff as a result of having to self-isolate at home? Please send us a photo and two lines of text indicating the why of it and what it means to you. We guarantee to publish it on Talking Beautiful Stuff in the weeks to come. Thank you!

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