Mourad Ghedira at Galerie Cimaise

“Originally, a frame was a device for hiding the nails used to stretch a canvas” explains Mourad Ghedira. “Now we use a frame to augment the aesthetics of a picture.” He warms to his subject. “The right frame can…”

Mourad 1

The problem with trying to speak to Mourad for any length of time is that the door of Galerie Cimaise admits a steady stream of people each bearing a treasured photo, a carefully rolled water-colour or a canvas in bubble-wrap. They want Geneva’s master framer to weave some magic around their beautiful stuff.

Mourad 2

Mourad grew up in Tunisia. He originally came to Geneva to study civil engineering but in seeking a more creative outlet for his energies, he launched Galerie Cimaise in 1998. By assuring a quality framing service, he has built up a successful business.

Mourad 3

Mourad 4

When at last there is a quiet moment, I ask Mourad what it is exactly that people want when getting a picture framed. A surprised look crosses his face. Have I just asked for the secrets of his trade? Or is it simply a question that is so basic that no answer is required? “Well… a frame brings importance to a picture. Floating or “American” frames are less noticeable. A deep concave frame can give a sense of distance or perspective. It can add atmosphere. Particular colours or passages of colour can be picked out or complemented by a frame. The texture of the frame can build on the texture of an oil painting or a collage. The frame can highlight the originality of the picture. The material of the frame can be a part of the narrative of the whole piece. The right frame can…” The door opens. Another client is made welcome.

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