WOW! (Again!)

Nelson, New Zealand. A cute little town at the north of the South Island. It has become a bit of a destination. I visit the World of WearableArt™ and Classic Cars Museum to see the winners of the  2013 World of WearableArt™ annual show held in Wellington. WOW!

To walk into the museum is to be bowled over (again!) by the artistry, attention to detail and pure hard work that has gone into the pieces. The imagination behind them is staggering. In a previous post, I described the World of WearableArt™ as “one of the more astonishing testaments to the human impulse to create beautiful stuff.” I haven’t changed my opinion. Have a look at three of last years winners. (And don’t you love the pink dress made out of fibreglass?)

WoW Again 1

25th Jubilee Guest, Margarete Palz, Germany. Photo credit: World Of WearableArt™ Ltd

WoW Again 2

Inkling, Gillian Saunders, New Zealand. Photo credit: World Of WearableArt™ Ltd

WoW Again 3

Chica Under Glass, Peter Wakeman, New Zealand. Photo credit: World Of WearableArt™ Ltd

The World of WearableArt™ seems to get bigger and better each year. The charming and helpful team at the museum tell me that there are plans afoot to make the show a truly international phenomenon. I wish them luck… but I don’t think they need it. There’s a certainty about the stellar destination of this enterprise. When the show goes on the road, I really hope we see it in Geneva.

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